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Corporate History

March 1961
IZUMI established with capital of ¥30 million as Fuji Steel Corporation’s steel processing and warehouse division
October 1962
Work on phase 1 construction started; receives license for construction of steel structures
March 1963
Sea berth (water depth 5.5m), 10-ton crane yard, and #1 plant (warehouse/steelworks plant building, 3,369m2) completed; starts production of architectural steel structures and straight processing of round bars
November 1963
#1 plant expanded (1,880m2) and forming mill installed; starts production of lightweight formed steel
March 1966
License as operating warehouse received; starts warehousing business Starts production of high-pressure tanks for LPG tankers started
March 1967
#2 plant (2,464 m2) constructed and lightweight formed steel division moved there
November 1967
#2 forming mill installed; 2,500-ton capacity system established for lightweight formed steel
April 1968
Capital increased to ¥50 million
February 1969
#3 plant (steel structures division, 1,780m2) completed
January 1970
Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant (3,200m2) completed
November 1970
Lightweight formed steel division receives permit to display Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) certification
December 1971
150-ton overhead crane installed next to Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant Construction of large Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant (2,332m2) and dedicated sea berth
July 1972
Capital increased to ¥80 million
April 1974
Capital increased to ¥120 million
June 1974
Outside assembly yard (9,000m2) and movable structure (1,080m2) constructed, 100-ton bridge crane installed
December 1975
50,223m2 of land for plants purchased from Marugame City
April 1977
Production of tunneling shields started; completes dedicated warehouse for formed steel and steel plate (2,400m2)
November 1978
Receives certification from Japan Sewage Works Association; starts production of steel segments
July 1979
60-ton bridge crane installed in outside assembly yard
January 1980
Marine equipment division established; signs technical co-operation contract with Robbie Shaw Engineering of US and starts production, sales and leasing of Flexi-float SEP
January 1980
Completes construction materials plant (2,400m2) and moves tunneling shield and steel segment divisions there
April 1981
Completes one building (2,160m2) in phase 1 of Marugame plant construction
July 1982
Production of steel segments by robots started in construction materials plant
November 1984
U and U2 pressure vessel stamp certification received from American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
October 1985
R&D for Bi-Lobe Tank started
February 1986
CAD/CAM system introduced; program development by in-house system engineers started
October 1987
Welded H-beam production line installed, production started
November 1987
U and U2 pressure vessel stamp certification renewed by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), S stamp certification received
November 1988
200-ton overhead crane installed in large Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant
January 1989
Japan’s first Bi-Lobe tank completed
September 1989
Starts cutting at Marugame plant
December 1989
Completion of world’s first chlorine carrier tank plant based on IGC code
July 1990
#1 plant addition dismantled; constructs new Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant (1,880m2)
July 1991
Warehouse building (12,000m2) constructed at Marugame plant; warehouse division and tunneling shields moved there; plant becomes Marugame Works together with cutting division
November 1991
#1 plant, #2 plant, #3 plant and new Pressure Vessels plant renovated; completes steel structure plant (8,310m2) and starts operations
March 1992
Japan Steel-rib Fabricating Association’s H grade acquired
February 1995
Receives certification as approved maritime works by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)
March 1995
Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant (1,382m2) renovated into large Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant
July 1995
Receives the Minister of Construction’s permission for designated construction work
November 1995
Pressure test facility for large tanks installed
January 1999
Welfare building (dining room, offices) completed
January 1999
Acquires certification of pressure vessels and pipe equipment based on ISO9001 (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)
March 1999
Pressure test facility for large tanks and movable structure (1,000m2, height 22m) added
October 2001
Large bending roller installed
October 2001
Enlarges Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant (2,696m2) and installs plasma cutting machine
June 2003
World’s largest-capacity pressurized 11,000m3 tank plant (2 tanks) completed
February 2006
Refrigerated 1,520m3 ethylene tank plant completed
March 2006
Movable shack for producing large tanks (22mx20mx26m) completed in T district
April 2006
150-ton/75-ton, 10-ton, 10-ton bridge crane completed in T district
April 2007
Marugame Works warehouse section and manufacturing section closed as part of business re-organization
March 2008
Capital reduced to ¥96 million
December 2008
Goods-handling facility (parts warehouse: 1,042m2) completed
June 2009
#2 Pressure Vessels manufacturing plant (3,021m2) completed; 150-ton/75-ton/10-ton overhead moving crane installed, 30-ton/15-ton/10-ton overhead crane installed
June 2009
Extends T district concrete flat base and 150-ton crane rail
September 2009
Starts manufacturing of ethylene tank plant using Hi nickel steel
November 2009
Osaka office opened