Message from CEO

Takaaki Tomiie, Representative Director and President

The Inland Sea region has a long history of prosperity, mainly due to it being a shipping route. Many products, led by steel, chemicals, and petroleum, are still produced along the shores of the Inland Sea today, as its nickname, “The Ginza of the Sea,” suggests. Since our establishment as a company in 1961, Izumi Steel has also reaped the benefits of the Inland Sea in our capacity as one of its shoreline plants, sending various products out to sea to their destinations. For our company, which produces tanks for LPG carriers, offshore platforms, and other large steel structures that cannot be transported over land, this quiet inland sea is an indispensable treasure. The trend in the industry at present is for these products to become larger year by year, and higher safety and performance are also being demanded of them. As a result, all of our employees are working day and night to develop the needed technology and enhance our production skills. In order to manufacture high-quality products, we believe that we must not only perfect our skills, but also become a truly harmonious company where labor and management trust and help each other. We also believe we must be a company where each and every one of us gains happiness from working and producing something. In this way, we expect to be able to build our products and contribute in some significant way to society. We do not wish to merely boast about production volume. We would like to be centered around a small team of engineers that manufactures at a steady pace and sincerely, provides heartfelt after-sales service following delivery, and then utilizes this after-sales service experience to think and develop further.
We ask for your continued guidance and support going forward.

Corporate Data

Company Name:
Izumi Steel Works, Ltd.
March 14, 1961
Paid-in Capital:
96.00 million yen
Major Shareholders:
Fuji Steel Corporation 166,320 shares (69.3%),
Sumitomo Corporation 72,000 shares (30%)
Takaaki Tomiie, Representative Director and President
Business categories:
Design and manufacture of cargo tanks for liquefied petroleum gas,
chemical gas and gas handling plants
Design and manufacture of land-based tanks for liquefied petroleum gas and chemical gas
Design and manufacture of various other pressure containers
Design, manufacture and leasing of self-elevated offshore platforms
Design, manufacture and erection of bridges
Design, manufacture and installation of civil engineering structures such as water gates
Manufacture and assembly of architectural steel structures
Manufacture of civil engineering products (steel segments, tunneling shields)

Ground Area:
Headquarters and plant: 61,451㎡  Marugame office: 50,223㎡
Number of Employees:
Engineers 40, Field workers 100, Office personnel 20, Total: 160
Affiliated Company:
Fuji Steel Corporation  8th Floor, Sankyo-honmachiBldg, 1-10-24, Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Representative Director and President  Yasusuke Tomiie
Fuji Kozai Steel Center K.K  2-3, 5-chome, Asahimachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
Takaaki Tomiie