Inside this pressure vessel is energy, a vital resource essential to our daily lives.

Pressure Vessels

We want to build them perfectly because they carry cargoes of hazardous materials.

Illuminating Areas Invisible to the Eye

With pressure vessels, there are places not visible during initial production and places that become impossible to check after completion. At IZUMI, our focus is on illuminating those very areas that others miss.
The assembly process we employ minimizes local residual stress. To control factors such as temperature, humidity and airflow, the welding process takes place completely indoors. Our pressure vessels are then subjected to a battery of non-destructive inspections, including radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, and liquid penetrant testing, in addition to the production weld tests such as tensile strength tests, etc. A commitment to turning our attention to places invisible to the eye has helped make IZUMI pressure vessels a more perfect product.

Ship Liguefied Gas Tank Plants
Land Based Liquefied Gas Storage Tank