Offshore Platform(SEP)

Offshore Platform(SEP)

Taking on the challenge below the water's surface
Superior maneuverability supports underwater development.

Kami-igusa Bridge removal

Kami-igusa Bridge removal

Living in the water

As a result of our efforts to find a new area to utilize our experience in marine products, we introduced a small offshore platform assembled with locking equipment. This product installs and assembles two floats, large and small, and elevating equipment with locking equipment in accordance with use. This platform has been used in various domestic and overseas sites since 1972 as an offshore platform with unique functions and unusual flexibility and maneuverability.

Construction of D runway at Tokyo International Airport

Construction of D runway at Tokyo International Airport

Living in maneuverability

Changing the size and other specifications of normal fixed offshore platforms after completion is generally unthinkable without fundamentally rebuilding them, but the Izumi SEP can be wholly assembled by combining float structure units and elevating equipment. The various units can be assembled on-site and used at dams and lakes in the mountains, as long as the required units can be transported there.



Float assembly

[Float assembly]

Leg assembly

[Leg assembly]

Completion (construction of lower portion of New Inuyama Bridge)

[Completion (construction of lower portion of New Inuyama Bridge)]

Performance in Extreme Conditions

Enduring nature’s harsh conditions

The ocean, with its ever-changing waves, wind, and currents, requires a solid structure as regards platforms. The Izumi SEP has undergone careful strength calculations from every angle, such as water depth, current, wave height, and wind velocity, and is designed to provide ample resistance to such elements without losing the flexibility characteristic of such an SEP, all achieved through use of special connecting devices made of high-tensile cast steel.

Platforms can be formed into various shapes to handle various needs.